How To Be Instagram Famous Whether You’re In New York Or Any Other City

When you want to become famous so bad, you might choose to move to New York or any other city and do everything, even if the stress causes you to need to see therapists. You may park yourself on the streets in hopes of getting spotted by talent scouts, for instance. In case no one has noticed you after months of doing that, you might go to various agencies and hand in your applicant yourself.

The thing is, with the growing love of people for social media channels, some folks use these sites as a platform or a stepping stone to stardom. How many influencers have you honestly seen start gaining followers through Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube and hit the mainstream media because of it? It’s not only Justin Bieber who did it – there are also the likes of Grace Helbig, Tyler Oakley, Adam Conover, and many more.


One of the most popular websites these days is Instagram. For individuals who dedicate a good portion of their days and nights to it, what encourages them to keep on going is the number of Hearts and Shares that their followers give their post(s) regularly. These things indicate that someone pays attention to what they share, and so the users get more hooked to the platform.

In case your posts are not too appreciated by many. However, you can still try to become Instafamous by doing the following.

1. Set A Theme

The accounts which have a specific theme draw in viewers who frequently search in that niche. Since you will ideally publish images with the same subject but in different styles or poses, the audience will visit the page multiple times a day to check if you have posted anything new.

2. Post On Time

The ultimate way for your popularity to improve on Instagram is by posting on fixed hours and dates. For instance, if you wish to post some things from Sunday to Saturday, choose the best periods to put out the pictures. Though not everyone will notice your punctuality, the system can, and Instagram may bump you up in the search ranks.


3. Stay In Style

Even if the subject matter on your photo is as ordinary as a cup of coffee, you need to capture it in a cool angle that will make the audience analyze it for more than five seconds. There are camera filters and effects you can make use of to come up with the design you like.

4. Don’t Forget The Hashtags

Hashtags are users’ social media best friends. The account holders need to know which ones can bring them more success, and then include them in almost every post for better results.

5. Make Use Of Analytic Tools

Considering you want to become famous on Instagram to sell your products, you ought to see which images or posts are obtaining a lot of audience engagement. Although the platform already has a feature that allows you to view the page’s Insights, it won’t hurt to use the following analytic tools to know your account’s stats.



With the use of this downloadable app, the users can view complete graphs regarding the posts they have published in a specific hour, day, week or month. Having detailed engagement reports can inform the account holders as to when they should be adding more pictures and when the audience are busier with other things.

LocoWise Instagram Analyzer

A little different from the other tools, this application allows its clients to monitor the capability of the account to gather more subscribers. When they download LocoWise, a real-time chart will appear on the person’s Instagram page. He or she can also choose to compare it to the accounts of various people who are promoting in the same niche. The app can tap into over 2,500 pages, so there will be a lot to check out.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured continues to gain the trust of many Instagram registrants, for the reason that it can analyze not only the number of people coming into your account but also the keywords that attracted the individuals the most to visit the page. The ultimate advantage of knowing this bit is that the users can incorporate the same hashtags in their future posts and attain greater results.



The best feature that SocialRank can offer is its ability to assist consumers in managing and finding more followers by giving the users a complete idea of what keeps individuals engaged. With this free tool, even the new businesses on Instagram can get more subscribers in no time.


CrowdFire lets Instagram users find out which subscribers unfollowed them so that they can figure out the types of images that catch their interest. Instead of feeling down because of it, the account holders can utilize the opportunity as well to post more images that are favorable to them. This way, they may get to reestablish a connection with other viewers.

Ready To Become Instafamous Now?

Integrate the things mentioned above on your plan to succeed on Instagram. Good luck!