What Success Means From A Counselor’s Perspective

The meaning of success is unconventional for each one of us. In a more specific state, success means having different cars, living in a luxurious house, having a lot of money, and traveling without a hassle. It was a direct and realistic answer to a simple question. In line with this topic, allow me to introduce a deeper meaning of success from a counselor’s perspective.

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The Broadness Of Success

Understandably, success is all about reaching a dream. There are lots of positive sides to it that we would wish to have. A lot of us are looking at success in general terms. That is why we keep telling ourselves, “I want to be rich.” “I want to buy and have these and that.” “I want to travel the world.” “I want to have a lot of money so I can do whatever I want.” But success is not just about those things.

Those particular goals are more than just aiming for something that does not mean anything. Being rich or having tons of money can have a different definition. It can mean earning an abundant amount of cash but spending more than 80 hours of work per week. This kind of scenario is not an exaggeration because there are probably so many of us who work too damn much not to have time to enjoy the other aspects of our lives. Some of us are maybe dealing with stressful time-management and other social-related issues.

Being rich or wealthy can also mean owning something big like an industrial or corporate business. But despite that, the process of maintaining the whole system comes with a high price. Perhaps the owner has sleepless nights just trying to figure out how to handle the company. Maybe the owner is putting his physical health on the line to get a hold of what he needs to do for his built empire.

Having a lot of money can also mean dealing with things negatively. Perhaps there is the engagement in drug dealing, fraud, robbery, and other criminal offenses that can result in more than enough. As you can see, what we think about success is not at all mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy all the time. Sometimes, it just puts us in an endless loop of dreams that we know we can’t reach because we are unaware of our true heart’s desires.

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Success In A Meaningful Term

Most people know that success is considered a wealthy life where individuals can often get what they want. But that is due to some people who do not understand what their definition of success is. With that, they struggle to deal with so many uncertainties that become too overwhelming. However, those who tend to look at the deeper meaning of success are all about mental and emotional wellness. It connotes a less stressful environment with less toxic people around.

From some people’s perspective, success is reaching something step-by-step. It could be an incident where an individual graduates from school despite working on two part-time job shifts. Success can also mean getting a promotion after presenting a valuable idea to the company. It can also mean finally getting a physical store three years after opening up a business. It can also be that moment where a couple finally delivers a beautiful baby after 10-years of trying. Yes, those are also a definition of success. Those people who somehow do not want something more than what they need value success more than ever.

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There are a million questions to ask ourselves what we want in life. But we should understand that success comes with consequences. Some of our goals require much bigger actions than we can ever imagine. In most times, our decisions matter a lot. There is too much pressure we need to endure to ultimately be become happy and satisfied with the type of success we desire. Somehow, it makes us avoid asking people for advice because no one can genuinely know what is good for us. Nobody knows how significantly valuable things are to us.

Success is serious, and it is what drives us to get out of our comfort zones. Therefore, we should devote our entire day to sitting down and thinking about what success entirely means to us. We need to realize what we genuinely want out of life. Honestly, the process is so simple to do. However, many of us fail to do it because we do not pay attention to the positive effect of our thoughts. We have no guts to admit that our dreams and aspirations are empty. We don’t have the strength to accept that what we genuinely want to do and like to obtain is not part of a list that we can realistically achieve, especially when it is radically different.