The Best Web-Based Productivity Tools For Office Employees

Aside from consistent effort, intelligent planning, and commitment to excellence, there is another element that boosts the productivity of employees—web-based productivity tools. The digital evolution nowadays contributes to a more systematic and effortless approach to increasing employee’s quality of outputs.


These online tools come in many forms. They may aid in collaboration, filing, storage, or business listing. With this in mind, listed below are some of the best web-based productivity tools for office employees.


Individuals feel disorganized and overwhelmed when working on projects at the same time. Hence, ProofHub came up with a strategy to solve this problem. This productivity tool is considered an all-in-one task management and project management software, which will assist you in keeping everything in place.

ProofHub also lets you communicate with your team more efficiently, especially if you are currently working on something together. It has unique features such as delegating and assigning tasks to specific co-workers, time control over collaboration, and uploading of necessary files to organize the workflow.



No matter how good your memory is, there will always be times that you’ll get frustrated over forgetting something from your to-do list. It is a bit bothersome as well to carry your notebook all the time to keep you on the loop. This tactic might also not be useful since there are certain times that you leave your notebook elsewhere. With the continuous growth of digital mediums, you can maximize your effectivity through the use of Todoist.

Todoist is an accessible productivity tool for all your gadgets. You only have to invite your other co-workers to your list so that they can see your work-related to-do list and schedule. Now it is easier for your colleagues to collaborate with you based on your schedule. Todoist’s user interface is full of modern offerings yet remains minimalistic and easy to use.


HootSuite is best for social media masterminds. It is the number one option for managing various social media accounts and monitoring every social activity across your networks. It is an easy-to-use dashboard tasked to measure performance, delegate social assignments, organize followers, and more. This productivity tool is perfect for marketers who want to have a glimpse of the latest trends in society.

Source: is one of the best project management platforms tailored to those working with agile teams. Its goal is to sync all project data into just one convenient interface. Everyone will, therefore, be on the same page even if they’re far away from each other.

What’s good about this tool is its ability to include both personal and public boards for a better life and work organization, respectively.


Slack is perfect when it comes to team collaboration. Its unique feature involves setting up different channels through the use of hashtags to make sure that the team’s conversations are easy to track.

For example, you and your colleagues are doing various projects at the same time. Slack allows you to use one channel for your marketing project and another channel for your financial concerns. This approach will assure that everybody stays on the loop and conversations won’t be mixed up.

Make sure to remember all of these offerings to help you improve your performance at work. Rest assured that they will result in a more efficient, more productive, and speedier you.

Common Time Management Blunders To Avoid


Everyone wants more time to do the activities they want. Unfortunately, everyone only has 24 hours each day, the same as everyone else. Hence, what will distinguish you from everyone else are your time management skills.

You can vastly improve how you manage your time to avoid some common time management blunders. These seven behaviors can undermine your success in managing time. You should avoid them if you want to make sure that your time goes to high-impact activities.


One of the most pervasive banes of time management is procrastination. It happens whenever you put off important work in the future, allowing it to accumulate. As deadlines come near, you start to panic. In many cases, you still get the job done, but you’re left feeling stressed and de-energized.

 The excitement of just making it to class or to a plane in the nick of time can be a joyous rush or regressive return to adolescent rebellion. For others, the joy or pleasure of procrastination is less apparent (or more disguised). — Michael Brustein, PsyD

Some people say that they like the rush of trying to catch up with work. However, most people perform better if they have more time to devote to their tasks. Procrastination only causes unnecessary stress which you could have easily avoided.

Starting a task is the hardest part. To stop procrastinating, commit to starting a project at a set time. If you’re writing a book, start by just committing to finishing a few introductory paragraphs. In many cases, you’ll find that you’ll want to continue on the task.

Insufficient Planning

Many people rush headlong into their pile of tasks as they try to finish off as many jobs as they can. This approach may work momentarily, but it’s not the best way to consume your resources.

For instance, you might find that a task depends on the completion of another job or on resources that aren’t currently with you. You might end up with half-done tasks that you can’t complete.

Make sure to plan out your day. Assign a deadline for tasks and check if they have dependencies. Planning ensures that you use your time optimally.


Doing Too Much

Time management gurus know that being busy is not the same as being productive. Even if you tick off a hundred tasks off your to-do list, most of the activities you’re doing might not be important ones.

Many successful people are not particularly busy. They dedicate themselves to finishing tasks that can bring them the most benefit.

Treating ourselves as if we possess riches of untapped resources elevates self-esteem, which in turn reinforces taking better care of ourselves. — Mitchell Milch, LCSW

Working Nonstop

Another common mistake is to force yourself to keep working. Dedicating your waking hours to completing tasks might seem like a good idea if you’re a machine. However, as humans, you need time for rest and recreation. Working nonstop is a sure way to see your productivity drop and your health to decline.


Doing Everything By Yourself

Some people like to do tasks by themselves. Usually, they have negative experiences working with incapable teammates. They internalized a belief that they can do jobs more efficiently if they do it themselves.

However, you still need other people. You can’t do everything alone, especially large projects with multiple parts. Don’t be afraid to delegate, especially if they can do something better than you.

To solve a complex problem, it is essential that you are able to address the obstacle in an oxymoronic “passionate but dispassionate” manner. You need to care passionately about finding a solution, or the path to overcoming the obstacle, but you have to divorce yourself from any potentially debilitating negative emotional investment in any initially failed outcomes. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

Failing To Prioritize

Finding it hard to prioritize? You might be spending most of your time on low-impact activities. Use tools like the Eisenhower matrix to classify tasks based on urgency and importance, and make sure to prioritize completing essential tasks.

Remember that you know yourself best. Many of the time management advice you hear from other people might not apply to you, so test them out first. Including this article, take advice with a grain of salt.

Aiming For A Fast Promotion At Work? Keep These In Mind

For many, the most promising reward after high school or college graduation is snagging a job offer and going to the first day of work with a new you. As soon as your working days and experience progress, going home chin up with an accomplishment at work becomes one of the best feelings.


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The Best Side Hustles For Stay-At-Home Parents


Did you know that more than 75% of stay-at-home parents look for ways to earn more money? However, most of them feel that there are no opportunities for them to do so. Contrary to this popular belief, there are several side hustles that they can do in the comfort of their homes.

Most stay-at-home parents prefer this setup since the work time is flexible while still making good money. In here, we will present the best side hustles that can be perfect for stay-at-home parents.

Sell Etsy Printables

Selling Etsy printables might be the best for you if you want a passive income stream. You only have to come up with the best designs (which you can do in one sitting) and get paid for the next months and years to come. If you’re still not familiar with how this business works, you may check out various Etsy courses online.


Be A YouTube Video Host

In the digital age, there is a big chance that you are familiar with YouTube. It’s even easier to navigate if you have kids watching toy reviews, cartoons, people unwrapping surprise eggs, and other seemingly mundane things. Believe it not, these kinds of content have a massive following, and the creators can earn thousands of dollars per day!

You may even ask your whole family to join your video so that it can be more engaging and successful.

Conduct Tutoring

Perhaps one of the most convenient side hustles in the market is online tutoring. All you have to do is determine your specialized subject and offer your services through established online companies like Cambly, Qkids, and VIPKID. Some tutors even prefer to teach English or other languages for foreigners.

If you have an appreciation and love for teaching, this side hustle may be the best for you. Aside from the flexible work hours, the pay is excellent as well.

Start An E-Commerce Store

If you have some extra things just lying on the corners of your house, why not sell them online and make money out of them? It’s also a way of decluttering your home.

For those who don’t want to sell their stuff, you may opt to start this business through the buy-and-sell method. You can purchase several items online at a low price and sell it to other buyers at a higher price.

What’s good about an e-commerce store is that it does not require your physical presence to run. If you manage it well, you can earn up to $1000 per month as a starter.


Become A Freelance Writer

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of open freelance writing gigs out there. However, getting into this business is not that easy. You still have to establish your portfolio by creating and collecting all your writing pieces, whether they’re fictional or non-fictional.

You can also start your career in this area by applying on websites such as GoBankingRates or Upwork. Most companies in need of freelance writers often post their openings there.

Whether you are looking for activities that will support your financial needs or serve as your creative outlet, side hustles can be your go-to initiatives as a parent. You only have to explore these options and find the right one that fits your personality and lifestyle.

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shopping addiction

…the more disoriented you feel in the store, the more you feel compelled to buy! buy! buy! — Azadeh Aalai Ph.D.

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