Achieving Success In Life And In Business




In this world, there are different types of people – those who are living their lives to the fullest and those who just let the opportunities pass them by. Some people sit around all day thinking and complaining about how sad their lives have been, and people who think of life as a great gift and seize these gifts when they can. The miserable ones sometimes don’t have the energy to stand up and shower (I think these are the people who need therapy to wake themselves up!), and they later realize how much they’re missing out.

Similarly, in business, there are those that began without anything and still never did anything to change their situation, while there are people who saw a flicker of hope in that tiny spark and made the most out of that tiny spark – now they’re shining so bright like they’ve never expected.

How To Be Successful

Success is not just a great idea. It is a state of mind. Success may be dependent on the output of an individual, but the universal key to attaining it is how you live your life and how you seize the opportunities that you get. In life or business, one should not set anything side. Instead, he must learn to take advantage of the positive circumstances that come his way. Below are some ways that you and I can be successful in business and life as well.

Even though studies have shown that a household income above $75,000 brings no additional increase in happiness, the American Dream lives on. Money worshippers are preoccupied with schemes for making and keeping money, believing that money gives life meaning and purpose. — Suzanne Burger, Psy.D.

  • Be Open-Minded. Most people don’t get to learn new things even when they get older because they prefer to stay in their comfort zones. They are content with being in the same place and doing the same things because they are afraid of committing a mistake or getting hurt or failing. However, change is constant and if we do not take risks, we will never improve and will never catch up with how the millennials tackle life’s new challenges. In fact, they’ll catch up with us in no time. We must keep an open mind if we want to learn of the fresh ideas and other ways of thinking that will lead us to succeed.




  • Listen To Your Instinct. One of our most reliable friends is our gut feeling. We do not have to turn it on or off when something comes up – it just does its work. It attempts to warn us when we are in danger of deciding something that won’t probably work for us. So it is best for us to trust our instinct. When we meet fellow entrepreneurs whom we feel don’t have much good influence on us, our instinct will come to play, and we must listen to it. We will never totally understand the mechanics of this gut feeling, but just think about it. When has your instinct been wrong? Probably never.

 We all know people who say they never balance their checkbook, which is fine if it works for them. However, I think a balanced checkbook can mirror a greater feeling of balance in other areas of life, as it can be one more area that feels under control. — Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM

  • Embrace New Technology. In every business, there is a corresponding application or new system in technology that is introduced to further help business improve. All businessmen are encouraged to learn about these new technologies because if you don’t, you’ll be left behind, including your company. You may survive without any information on pop culture, but it will be very difficult to thrive in business without knowledge of technology.


  • Be Street Smart. Formal education is important, but it is not the only thing you need to succeed in life and business. The books help you comprehend the technical terms and practical methods to practice, but experience and street smartness allow you to weigh the real pros and cons and to use your instinct in situations that come your way. You learn the realities through experience and not through the books. What you don’t learn from the books, you learn by reading people’s behaviors, their body language, and the way they deal with others. That you don’t often gather from the books, you had read when you were in school.

In our research, we found that a higher degree of self-awareness about one’s finances translates into feedback about past successes and failures with money, lower uncertainty about the strengths and weaknesses of the current finances, and clarity regarding how to move forward. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.



  • Be Grateful And Share Your Blessings When You Can. The bigger your success, the bigger your responsibility to share what you have. You worked hard to be where you are now, but never forget those who have helped you along the way – and even those who didn’t. Remember your mentors and thank them for their contribution. Shower your family with gifts of money (or toys for kids), security, and of course your time. Give to the underprivileged. Not everyone gets to have what you have in life and business. It wouldn’t hurt to give a little of your success, right? You’ll never know how much you can change someone’s life by giving back.