Is Paranoia Good For Success – A Valid Counseling Question

Ever felt that someone is looking at you or trying to steal your ideas and skills for the growth of their own business? This is paranoia, and some business experts agree that it can do good to make your success rate escalate further and guard whatever you have already started. It will also serve as your sentinel while you continue to plan for whatever expansion and growth you would like your business to have.


According to the experts of BetterHelp, being paranoid somehow gives people the idea that something mental is wrong with you. Society dictates that paranoia is a sign of mental illness and this carry false beliefs that something or someone is out to get you. This article will talk about good paranoia – yes, I’d like to describe it this way, and we will relate this to the fulfillment of success.

When work-related emails are pinging from your phone after hours (Elon Musk sent another email at 1:20 am), the lines between when a working day begins and ends becomes blurry. — Adi Jaffe Ph.D.

Step Out Of The Box

In one article, the author cited one crucial attribute that every leader should have. That is possessing the value of self-reflection and having a strong will, discipline, courage, and humility to ask questions continually. Even these are uncomfortable and can challenge your way of thinking. When one continuously challenges his thoughts, and ask questions like “what else should I be doing to make myself successful?” or “what are the new technologies and novel approaches that I can try to make my brand more unique?”, the possibilities of working your way to an important project or product can launch your business to success.

Never Take Chances

The problem with us is that we tend to lay low if we already achieved our goals. Our complacency can be detrimental to our success level. Numerous experiences, even historical records describing every battle lost, treaties are broken, and business plans toppled and crushed down because people tend to be lax and allow overconfidence to permeate. If you heard the Aesop’s fable about the hare and the turtle, this is an excellent example that one should not be too inclined to take a rest and relax once momentum is gained in finishing a race. The opponents are always trying their very best to take the lead. If they notice something that will allow them to take over, you would just be surprised that all your efforts can go down the drain.

 Cultivating the ability to hold both your strengths and your flaws lightly is more workable than overidentifying with either. — Melissa Stringer, LMHC, DCC, NCC

Apply this to the business world. Many companies, especially the digital and internet ventures, either lost their rights and ownership or have decided to merge with the giants just to sustain their fiscal earnings and brand of business. One reason could be because they lack the resources to go out beyond their comfort zone. They are afraid to dive into uncertainties. So here is this one company which is willing to take a risk and get on with more talents and ventures to make the business booming and successful.


Paranoia And Confidence

Always on the lookout on what’s new and take the risk. Success is not all about waiting for the right things to fall on your lap. It does indeed take confidence and hard work to achieve whatever you have planned. But in the act of war, being paranoid is also beneficial to win any battle. As long as you know how to use it your way, you’re good. Be a sentinel and always take guard on your gates.

Without enough grounding in your inner life, you lack a strong guide toward knowing your true self; what really defines you. — Douglas LaBier Ph.D.

Nonetheless, do not be mistaken with pathological paranoia from goo paranoia. For more information about this, BetterHelp has a library of articles that can provide answers.