Top 5 Tips To Successfully Achieve Work-Life Balance And Avoid Paranoia

Bonding with family, socializing with friends, having some me time, and even sleeping -these are too many tasks with only a handful of time in your hands, then add those still-unchecked lists on your post-its meant to please your boss. It’s like a genie granting you with only three wishes – too many wants, too little resources.


As the world progresses, the fine line between work hours and “me time” continue to blur to the point of almost getting erased. What makes this possible? Technology.


Give yourself a simple test. Do you have your phone with you all the time to check work emails and text messages from your boss and officemates? Think of this as a habit of you tagging along with your boss and officemates all the time.


Do yourself a favor and hear the tips for the balance your life is begging from you. And if you can’t seem to know where to start, try visiting for a heads-up.


  1. Practice Strict Separation Of Time For Work And Time For Yourself


If it is after working hours, then it is after working hours. While it is okay to keep your lines of communication open, stop holding your phone open for the sole reason for another take-home assignment from your boss and officemates.


Perhaps, you have heard co-workers in their office cubicle saying or muttering the non-verbatim lines of “I’ll just take this task home.” This is not a good practice if you want a good work-life balance. The office is for work. Home is for you.

On the surface, becoming engrossed with a perceived positive memory or time doesn’t seem particularly risky. However, when this type of fixation goes beyond nostalgia, it can create the illusion the present is not as worthwhile. — Melissa Stringer, LMHC, DCC, NCC

  1. Do Exercises And Meditation


As an often reminder from mental health experts, with work comes stress, even if you are just starting graduation from college. Most of the time, stress from work can develop into serious mental health problems.


Going out for a short run or jog can free your mind from stress and pressure. Meditation/yoga can help align your thoughts and restructure your mindset. Even for an hour or so for a day/week, treat yourself to some de-stressing activities.

 One might pursue money as an endless attempt to build self-worth, symbolic love or acceptance. But calling this a childhood-based “addiction” is only half correct. — Douglas LaBier Ph.D.

  1. Stop Thinking About Being Perfect


You don’t have to be perfect all the time just to continue working and not get fired. Most of the time, the thought of being perfect makes you oversee other vital things that you may be taking for granted.


  1. Treat Yourself


Once in a while, stop doing activities that you deem less important for your well-being. Stop meeting people who have a pessimistic view of their surroundings all the time.


After hard work done, you can treat yourself to a relaxing spa, massage or even a full 10-hour sleep. After this, you will feel recharged and more positive towards your whole day. It is one of the best things you can give yourself.

In the U.S., workers tend to take advantage of about half of their paid time off or vacation time and more than half of American workers keep on working even when they are on vacation. — Adi Jaffe Ph.D.

  1. Set Your Own Priorities And Rules


Rank every consideration in your life according to their importance and their value to your being. Do this so the next time you are faced with a dilemma, you will know what or who should be the first in line to your attention.


Listing and ranking your priorities is also a good reality check of what you have been taking for granted in life in exchange for work. Think about your health, your old friends, and your occasional dinner/lunch out with your family. Sure enough, they are already missing your full presence and company.





The most important advice here is that you should be able to discipline yourself enough to achieve a successful work-life balance and avoid paranoia. Free your mind from office and technical thoughts as soon as you reach home. If you are still confused on what to do, check out this link: After all, even if you are having fun with the most important people in your life, but your mind is full of thoughts on deadlines, everything will be senseless.