Tips For Finding The Right EFT Coach


Emotional Freedom Techniques is a type of therapy program that centers on alternative medicines like energy medicine, Thought Field Therapy (TFT), and acupuncture, among others. Finding the right EFT coach is crucial to receive the best and most appropriate treatment.


Some Tips For Finding The Right EFT Coach/Practitioner:


It Is Necessary To Know That Not All Practitioners Have The Same Qualities, Capabilities, And Skills




Before choosing an EFT coach, make sure that the person is dedicated to his or her job, willing to help you in every way, and has certifications and training about coaching under his belt. By choosing the right coach, all the money you will invest in the coaching will never be put to waste.

When we resist, we struggle to make the world fit into precepts we’ve defined: what we believe is fair, right, or good. When our world doesn’t match up, we find ourselves fighting, defending, rationalizing, or becoming angry or frustrated. — Laurie Leinwand, MA, LPC

Seek For A Trial And Complimentary Session Before You Commit To A Coach


It is a must to establish rapport with the practitioners before you engage yourself in coaching. It can help build trust which is one of the leading methods in the interactive activities. If you don’t feel comfortable with the first interaction, then that may be a sign that he or she is not the right individual who can help you. You can always find another coach. It’s your right. You must be picky and discerning, and that is your privilege.


Always Remember That The Practitioner Is Not A Healer




The role of a coach is to guide you through your decisions, and then, you will have to decide for your good. It will be a blessing if you learn how to handle your problems – the coach can help with that. You can always ask the practitioner if there are other ways aside from EFT. It is your choice if you want to combine EFT with health and spiritual coaching.

In life, there are a lot of roads, and we won’t quickly reach our destinations based on how we want it to happen. You still have to pass through a lot of hurdles because you can finally say that you’re healed or restored. If you are wondering why the session is going to a different path, then, you can always ask the specialist about it.


Coaches And Practitioners Are Not Magicians

They cannot resolve a problem in just one snap. It takes time to heal. Therefore, one-day coaching session is not enough. Beware of those who provide you with false hope. If you have seen progress along the way, just continue pushing on until you reach your goals.

The ability to decode another person typically works well when we’re doing well, and works less well (or not at all) when we’re emotionally activated or impaired. — Jessica Grogan Ph.D.

EFT Can Be Done Online, Through Skype Or Similar Applications, Phone Calls Or In Person



You can always work with someone by long distance session. If you can’t find a better coach in your area, there’s still a choice. There are also training wherein trainees were taught to handle phone calls and face to face sessions. It is very beneficial for clients like you.


Let Your Practitioner Know The Results Of Your Collaboration

If he or she has contributed something that changed your life, then, appreciate the help. If there were obstacles on the way, thank him or her nonetheless. A competent EFT practitioner will always accept his or her lapses because there is room for improvement.

Energy psychotherapies are to traditional psychotherapy as the alternative physical therapies like acupuncture are to medical treatment. We do not really know how or why they work, but the potency of their healing impacts are clearly evident. — Susan Heitler Ph.D.