The Key To Success Is To Define Success



Success and failure are considered polar opposites, but it often takes experience with a failure or two to propel a person into successfully overcoming a challenge. — Suzanne Degges-White Ph.D.

We all have a different take on success because we have different perspectives and upbringing. Your definition of it may not be the same with someone else. For this reason, your success depends on how you see it, and it is imperative to set your mind on what it should be so that you could aim right. The first step towards success is to know what it means to you, whether you want more money, love, morals, or pride. It all depends on you.

Things That Define Success:



One of the primary standards of success is to have plenty of money because with it comes power, and those who have it can make things happen. It is human nature to thrive for self-identity, and to appear powerful is what most people want. They tend to link happiness with being able to do whatever they please, and most often, they think that the more money you have, the more freedom you get.


People crave for acknowledgment, and they take pride in being a part of something productive like belonging to a distinguished company. Most of the people who define success as having a great career have been brought up by strong-willed parents. They have high ambitions and are born to be leaders. However, being successful with this aspect could mean failure among others such as family. Career demands time as well as relationships. It is almost impossible to be able to balance these two as there will always be one that gets more of your time.

In addition to exuding status and power, clothing also impacts the perception of competence. Depending on their position, women can lose the perception of competence by dressing provocatively at work. — Wendy L. Patrick, JD, Ph.D.


There are also those who find purpose in raising a family, and this could be one of the most rewarding of all because when you are successful in building a family and raising your kids well. You achieve something meaningful as to making a great life for someone. You gain more and genuine love from the people who matter which most of the people desire. Not all get the privilege of having a family and to have and nurture one could be the most valuable success.


Some people take pride in being righteous. They have a particular belief which defines their core values. For instance, a man may live for honor which means that honesty or being true to his words is the most important matter for him, and being able to maintain and uphold his values is what defines success and life in general for him. He may not be successful in everything else, but his success in life depends on how honorable he lives.

…we shouldn’t ignore the role of the social values that condition you into what you believe is worth striving for to begin with. After all, many financial swindlers or psychopathic individuals embody those same capacities. — Douglas LaBier Ph.D.


Our success may be a failure to some. For instance, the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” tells a story of two women, successful in their own and others’ definition of it. The other woman has everything that everyone could ever dream of – respect, power, money, and fame, but all of these doesn’t matter to the other woman as all she wanted was to fulfill her dreams of doing what she loves and loving the people around her. They may think of the other as a failure, but what matters is how they see themselves. It is one of the times when success is beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder.