The Best Web-Based Productivity Tools For Office Employees

Aside from consistent effort, intelligent planning, and commitment to excellence, there is another element that boosts the productivity of employees—web-based productivity tools. The digital evolution nowadays contributes to a more systematic and effortless approach to increasing employee’s quality of outputs.


These online tools come in many forms. They may aid in collaboration, filing, storage, or business listing. With this in mind, listed below are some of the best web-based productivity tools for office employees.


Individuals feel disorganized and overwhelmed when working on projects at the same time. Hence, ProofHub came up with a strategy to solve this problem. This productivity tool is considered an all-in-one task management and project management software, which will assist you in keeping everything in place.

ProofHub also lets you communicate with your team more efficiently, especially if you are currently working on something together. It has unique features such as delegating and assigning tasks to specific co-workers, time control over collaboration, and uploading of necessary files to organize the workflow.



No matter how good your memory is, there will always be times that you’ll get frustrated over forgetting something from your to-do list. It is a bit bothersome as well to carry your notebook all the time to keep you on the loop. This tactic might also not be useful since there are certain times that you leave your notebook elsewhere. With the continuous growth of digital mediums, you can maximize your effectivity through the use of Todoist.

Todoist is an accessible productivity tool for all your gadgets. You only have to invite your other co-workers to your list so that they can see your work-related to-do list and schedule. Now it is easier for your colleagues to collaborate with you based on your schedule. Todoist’s user interface is full of modern offerings yet remains minimalistic and easy to use.


HootSuite is best for social media masterminds. It is the number one option for managing various social media accounts and monitoring every social activity across your networks. It is an easy-to-use dashboard tasked to measure performance, delegate social assignments, organize followers, and more. This productivity tool is perfect for marketers who want to have a glimpse of the latest trends in society.

Source: is one of the best project management platforms tailored to those working with agile teams. Its goal is to sync all project data into just one convenient interface. Everyone will, therefore, be on the same page even if they’re far away from each other.

What’s good about this tool is its ability to include both personal and public boards for a better life and work organization, respectively.


Slack is perfect when it comes to team collaboration. Its unique feature involves setting up different channels through the use of hashtags to make sure that the team’s conversations are easy to track.

For example, you and your colleagues are doing various projects at the same time. Slack allows you to use one channel for your marketing project and another channel for your financial concerns. This approach will assure that everybody stays on the loop and conversations won’t be mixed up.

Make sure to remember all of these offerings to help you improve your performance at work. Rest assured that they will result in a more efficient, more productive, and speedier you.