Terms of Use

Terms of Use


Welcome to the website. Please go over all of these terms and conditions as stated on the site. As you scroll through this website, you, therefore, agree to comply with and to be bound by the different terms and conditions stated below. Be advised that these terms and conditions may be altered and changed at any given time without prior notice at our discretion. We will, however, release information on our website regarding any changes made.


The company reserves the right to every brand, content, and products and services posted on its website unless otherwise stated.


User Restrictions

This website is strictly for your personal, non-commercial use only. You agree to not use this website for any personal gain, advertising, solicitation, or to buy and sell products. You agree not to copy, reproduce, or gather content from this website through bots, spyware, or any other automatic device, manual, or process of any kind.


By agreeing to this website’s terms and conditions, you agree to use all services and content provided lawfully; thus avoiding replicating, copying, and staking ownership over any of the services and products enumerated herein. In using this website, you agree not to impersonate any entity or person.


Termination Of Use Of This Website

You agree that any violation of the terms and conditions stated in this website, along with its unlawful use; illegal distribution of its content and intellectual property, as well as any abusive, fraudulent, and otherwise illegal activity is subject to termination to your access of this website and the succeeding products and services.


The company reserves the right to terminate any and all use and access of this website if a violation of terms and conditions has been proven.



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