Psychology Behind Finding Pinterest Success


If your current goal in life is to find Pinterest success, we can tell you now that you do not have to study the psychology of your target market to achieve that. That will merely consume your time and prevent you from increasing your followers on the platform immediately.

Driving Traffic With Pinterest

If there is traffic that most people welcome with open arms, it is the kind that comes online and increases the fame (and sometimes financial gains) that the web user gets. Though any action that results in this seems to require a very complex mathematical and scientific formulation for the novices, the experts have simple words to share. Here are the four ways to drive traffic with Pinterest.

1. Be Punctual

The viewers need not see an actual calendar where your posting schedule shows, but if you have been on the platform for a while, you should make posts regularly. In case the original plan is to do it three times every day, that is fine. If you can do more than that, it will be more amazing. Just stick to a sound timetable so that your fate in the digital world will get better.

2. Be Descriptive

There is a catch in this tip since you have to be precise in your descriptions too. For instance, instead of saying, “You can buy…” it is easier to write: “Buy…” The latter effectively becomes a call-to-action (CTA) word that brings the audience straight to what you wish for them to do rather than using several words that are not necessary for the context. You may also think of SEO keywords when describing a bio or a picture.


3. Be Photographic

Since ‘picture’ has already been said, you should remember to publish ones with the highest quality. As a consumer yourself, you probably categorize the photos seen online as good, better, and best and only go back to the last-mentioned. Well, other people also do that; that’s why it is vital for you to ensure that the best comes from your profile.

4. Be Cordial

If you believe that you can succeed virtually without others’ help, you are wrong. Especially on Pinterest, you need the boost that Groups offer. Post your Pins in relevant Group Boards, and traffic will soon pour to your website.

How To Make Top Pins

Regardless of how pumped you are about the idea of using social media, specifically Pinterest, to reach out to more potential consumers and generate better profits, the success that you may potentially receive still relies on your capability to post clickbait Pins. In case you still have a novice badge when it comes to creating top Pins, allow us to extend the right tips to do this.


1. Publish The Eye Candies

When you try to place yourself in the shoes of the regular viewers while looking at the picture you plan on posting, but you feel like seeing something else, that is a clear sign that it is not interesting enough to be posted on your account. Thus, find the most eye-catching images in your gallery and turn them into Pins.

2. Keep Them Vertical

The audience tends to dislike it when they have to rotate their device to see a photo in landscape layout. Some prefer to move on to the next image without even seeing the first one, which is a bummer for the account holder since, of course, you want every post to be seen. To avoid this from happening, you have to make sure all your pictures are in an upright position.

3. Add Keywords And CTAs

Great, well-placed keywords can push you higher in the Google searches, while call-to-action (CTA) words encourage the viewers to visit your website, like and share the photo, or avail your merchandise. The CTAs are quite easy to understand, but if you are unsure of what keywords to use for the Pins, check out the SEO tools and analyzers online.


4. Use Light Words For Description

Each description should be lively and encouraging so that it does not diminish the people’s appreciation for the images you post. Your writing style should also match the kind of products or services that you promote. Nevertheless, the safest decision is to opt for casual or conversational words to prevent sounding too gimmicky.

Final Thoughts

Finding Pinterest success may not be too easy, considering: a) there are not a lot of tutorials on how to achieve it, and b) many creative people are already on the platform. Despite that, if you keep in mind every single tip given above, it won’t be long before people begin to subscribe to you, follow your suggestions, or avail your products or services.
Good luck!