Money As A Measure Of Influence And Success


Money is everything – that is a fundamental truth in life. We may tend to say otherwise. However, if we check with reality, it is true enough that “money talks.”

Managing our resources is one of the most important life skills we will ever have. And with the realities of this last recession—bank failures, job losses, upside down mortgages, and eviscerated pension plans—money and financial issues have been on our minds more than ever. — Lynne Silva-Breen, MDiv, MA, LMFT

Money becomes a necessity and an excellent source of influence and power which leads to one’s success. However, money can be used positively or in a more negative way.


Money As An Influence In Business

The concept of money in business is the same. Whoever is richer rules the commercial world. How does money come into play?

Money is one thing that makes any business work. Consumers sanction one business owner economically as when one does not entertain or buy from its business. This practice leads the business to close down.

You can find influence in money from that simple example. How do consumers get the promotions they want? With their money, of course.

Technically, the use of money as an influence creates a routinary cycle among the society.  Consumers use their money to push these business owners to offer them what they want while the business owners tend to influence the market as well as the politics involved in their community by letting their money talk.

It is not an understatement. Money is what drives all of us; we just keep wanting for more. Our reasons may vary from each other, but one common thing is that we are lured by wanting to have our wallet talk for us.

If you come to think of it, everything revolves around money, and as much as we do not agree with it, money is primarily EVERYTHING.


Money Signifies Success

What is the best equation to gain success? Easy, it is “Money + Influence.” Success becomes simple for someone who has these attributes to succeed in life. However, the hard part is attaining both.

Everything that is worth something requires hard work. The money will not be waiting for you around the corner. Instead, you have to go to work and look for it. It will not be easy but having the world running on your palm will be worth it.


Every person is drawn to acquire money. Be it small cents or big cheques, we all want that. The reason is that we want money to influence others because influencing means gathering connections and with the help of contacts, we gain respect, fame, and success.

Defined as the beliefs regarding one’s capabilities for a particular task or endeavor, self-efficacy has been shown to have multi-faceted benefits, from experiencing a greater interest in life activities and greater commitment in chosen goals to quicker recovery from setbacks. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

Try earning some money, invest it little by little to something that is worth it, maybe to stocks or a business. Slowly, even without you noticing it, you will be one of the top gamers, and you may be surprised that after the most prolonged hardships, your earned money will turn to influence and this influence and generate success.

Can you imagine how this will change your life? Think about what money can do. Money will be the one who will work for you. Imagine having the world at a click. Getting what you want in an instant. Wouldn’t it be nice?


Money, Influence, And Success

Try to think of the most prominent influence the money can create. Believe it or not, it can change this world. Do you think that a government can eliminate corruption? Maybe yes, but not in this era where the government is mostly being run by people who use their money for influence.

Do you think that public officials receiving money is illegal? Can you use your kind heart and talk some sense to the same person who gets the money to penalize themselves? I do not think so.


People think that if they have enough, they can buy everything and everyone in this world. Money is now being used as a measure of success. Why do we want to know who the wealthiest persons are in the world? Why do we look up to them?

Well, my friend that is it. They are successful because they can be an influence to others. They can influence other powerful members of the society, and they are successful enough to have the world run at their fingertips.

Don’t just look up to them, join them. Be one of the big players and create a more significant impact. Use the money to be able to influence and attain success in life. It will eventually lead to incurring a greater impact not just in your life, but as well as to every one of us.

Getting back to the original concept, the more you keep your fiscal house in order, the more you will feel self-loving, self-respecting, and self-compassionate. That, coupled with a slightly different spin on your true wealth, will help you resist impulse buying (no small feat in our current point-click-buy Internet culture), and encourage you to take joy in saving, planning, and consciously choosing your purchases. — Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM