Making Sure Your Mental Health Is Good While Fulfilling Your Dreams


Are you working towards fulfilling your lifelong wishes?

When you are set to make that happen, it matters to have mental stability. Depression can keep you from ever moving for ages. Anxiety cannot encourage you to overcome your fears. Mania will not help you become real. Many other disorders that affect your brain function can cause you to do regretful things and none of which is a stepping stone to realizing your dreams.

That is why mental health experts at BetterHelp want you to make sure that your mental health is stable all the time. Check out some tips on how to guarantee that.

  1. Bottle Up Nothing

Whatever thoughts or feelings you have, we suggest that you do not wait forever before expressing all of them. It is especially necessary for emotions like hate, anger, distaste, et cetera. These are poisons in your system that will never motivate you to move forward and reach for your goals.

The most natural form of expression is talking. Say, in case you do not agree with your friend’s behavior, mention it to him or her honestly. It is up to that person whether he or she will take it as an offense or constructive criticism. As long as you are not bottling up anything, you will be great. Consider talking to someone who you are comfortable with.

It’s natural to feel a pull toward greater creative expression of your personality’s capacities. But it butts up against constraints that serve people well, via the intoxicating pursuit of money, power, and material rewards. — Douglas LaBier Ph.D.

If speaking is not your forte, well, there are other techniques to express your thoughts. You can write about it – pouring ideas from your mind to the paper can de-clutter the brain. You may also use arts – the act of painting, drawing or playing music allows you to channel your energy to be creative – not destructive –  of things.

  1. Have Supportive People Around

It is essential to remain surrounded by the individuals you trust and love. It ensures that no matter what slip-ups you commit in the future, they will always be there to back you up. You will never be alone even in dark moments as well, which is genuinely significant when trying to keep your mental health stable.

From your end, you should be receptive to the wonderful deeds that your loved ones are doing for you. Instead of telling them that you can handle everything, you ought to be honest if you cannot do something. Instead of pushing these people away when their only goal is to help you, welcome their assistance and thank them afterward.

We now live in a society where people feel comfortable sacrificing their mental and physical health (not to mention relationships) in order to live up to societal expectations and pressures. Many of us also value economic status above all else and let that determine our sense of self-worth. — Adi Jaffe Ph.D.

Remember that you cannot get anywhere by yourself. At some point, you have to ask for guidance from others who have walked on a similar path as yours. You can learn from their mistakes and not spend forever looking for a better road towards your dreams. Won’t this task be stress-free, though, if you surround yourself already with people who care about you?

  1. Give Back

Lastly, you may feel more grounded than ever if you volunteer to help others without asking for any favor from them.

You can start with the people you love. Be available whenever your brother needs a babysitter for his baby that is learning to walk, for instance, or buy appliances you know your parents need without being told to do so. When it comes to friends, sometimes listening to their woes is more than enough. After that, you may branch out and participate in activities within your town or city. You can help build houses, feed the orphans, or offer donations to charities.

The more you embody a good Samaritan, the lighter yet fuller your heart may feel. There will no longer be room for negativities in your life. Then, you can start fulfilling your dreams without worries, fear, and anxiety.

To go the distance begins with daily preparation and attention to details of self-care, which I like to call little labors of loving ourselves. These little labors determine the big picture of success by creating what I think of as “the momentum of positive spirals.” — Mitchell Milch, LCSW


In The End

We do not imply that you only need to have the excellent mental health to realize your wishes. It is vital to be skillful, have amazing connections, and know what you truly want to achieve to make magic happen. Nevertheless, you cannot do any of those things with an unstable mind, so you should improve your mental state to prepare for everything that barrels down your path.

Good luck!



Author: Marie Miguel

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