How To Score A Successful Interview




To get to the end goal of success, first, you must go through each and every trial that merits that prize. And one of those tests is getting a job.

In today’s world, the labor market has become incredibly competitive. You will need to stand out from the rest if you want to get the job you are looking for. Hence, a better way to do that is with these scientifically-proven tips.Forbes and National Geographic’s Entertain Your Brain shares their secrets in doing a successful job interview.

We define how our lives need to be okay and see alternatives as a threat, taking things personally when they don’t go according to plan. If we don’t face our pain head-on, we orchestrate ways to cover it up or avoid it, thereby letting it rule us. — Laurie Leinwand, MA, LPC

Tip #1: Never ‘Wing It’

One popular misconception about job interviews is that you can just come to it unprepared. If you think that, then you are about to make a big mistake.

In job interviews, the company representatives will ask you a series of questions to assess your confidence and skill level. They might ask questions like “What are your weaknesses?” or “Why should we hire you?”. Those questions are tough to answer on the spot. That’s why it is recommended to prepare and practice before you come to the interview.


Tip #2: Google Yourself

With today’s technology, everything is searchable. That includes you.

Companies are always concerned of the track records of their employees, so they will often look beyond your resume. If you have a viral video or post portraying you in a negative light, your interviewers will definitely ask that during the job interview.


Tip #3: Do A Power Pose




It is found that doing a power pose before the job interview increases your confidence. This is because this stance can increase your testosterone levels by 20 percent! So, if you start feeling the jitters or cold feet on your way to the job interview, do this pose for three minutes. You will be astounded with the results!


Tip #4: Do Tongue Twisters

Studies have shown that an applicant’s voice is as significant as the things written on your resume. Reciting some tongue twisters may help loosen your voice and achieve that velvety finish that employers love.

 Preparing good answers for the questions you dread most may help you feel calmer and more composed going into the interview. Invest some time in thinking of tactful ways to handle difficult questions, but try not to obsess. — Amy Armstrong, MS, NCC, MCC, LPC

Tip #5: Answer Questions As Coherently As Possible

In an instance that the interviewer asks you about your accomplishments, don’t be afraid to brag about them. For example, if the interviewer inquired about your role in a project, answer how you led the team. But, if you are more of the follower type, explain how you contributed to the project. You have to show that you take the initiative and can work independently or as a team.


Tip #6: Finish With A Good Question




When they ask if you have any questions at the end of the interview, take this opportunity to ask something. This is your golden window to clarify some things about the job or address their concerns. Try to ask about those latter and come with an excellent answer to ease those doubts. That will give you the competitive impression to your interviewer.

If you try and fall, get up and try again. You will increasingly know your life direction and passion, so that what you try next is more in line with your authentic self. — Deborah Khoshaba Psy.D.

Going to a job interview is nerve-racking, but with these tips, you are in good hands. Apply these tips for your next job interview, and you will surely leave that room with a smile on your face!