How To Be Happy And Successful At The Same Time

Therapists say that happy people are successful people. Your happiness doesn’t have to depend on your progress. You can be happy and successful, at the same time.


A lot of people aspire to be successful. From a young age, it is usually instilled in the minds of many children to succeed as their goal. For some, this may mean becoming a doctor, lawyer, making art, or traveling. Success is defined in many different ways by many different people. However, there may be a problem with these goals. Dreaming big creates the notion that success has to be something grand and big. Many will say that when they will become happy when they become successful, which is not entirely wrong, albeit a little bit unrealistic. However, people tend to forget that becoming comfortable leads to success, too.




To achieve a state of success and happiness, you must understand, you do not complete it overnight. Being happy and prosperous is not one grand goal that you must work hard to achieve. It is a lifestyle. It lies in the details. It relies on how you live your everyday life. It depends on how you perceive each moment in your life. Happiness is a choice. You can be happy right now if you want to. It is a fact that we all have to live by. Here are ten everyday actions you can practice to be happy and successful simultaneously:


  • Practice Gratitude


Do not just be thankful for the grand gifts. Be grateful for waking up to a new day. Don’t forget to thank the barista who made your coffee today. Smile at the little kid who offered you a piece of his candy. Nothing will have worth if you are not grateful. When you ‘don’t feel thankful for the things around you, you will never be satisfied.

Essentially, knowing one’s financial situation goes hand-in-hand with making good financial decisions and having peace of mind about money. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

  • Live In The Moment


Do not always focus on the next big thing. Start to cherish every moment you are in. Focus on the now. You do not have to worry or fret about your past of the future constantly. Doing so will only make you restless. So, live in the moment. You are here now, and you can control your happiness. When it rains, let it rain.


  • Take Time Off


Learn that rest is essential. You don’t always have to be in grand moments. Learn to appreciate yourself more by taking time off for some “me time.” Taking time off will help refresh and rejuvenate you for the things to come




  • Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Widen your perspective by trying out new things. The risk will always be there. Help yourself by challenging yourself with new ideas. Stepping out of your comfort zone will not only aid your brain to learn something new, but it will also expand your horizon.

Interestingly, one’s relationship with money often mirrors one’s relationship with oneself, as changes in either affect the other. So, if you decide to do some financial house cleaning, you will reap rewards in increased self-confidence, self-respect, and self-compassion. — Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM


  • Believe In Yourself


The first person who will believe in you will always be you. If you do not believe in yourself, how will others do? Not understanding and trusting yourself can lead you to have lower self-esteem. Low self-confidence can significantly hinder your success and happiness.


  • Take Good Care Of Your Health


Stay healthy every day. You can opt to skip the sweet dessert or have water instead of soda. Get complete sleep every single day. These little every day habits can significantly contribute to a healthier you.


  • Connect With People


Be with people you love and care about. They are the people who will be happy to celebrate with you with your successes. They are the people you are joyous with. Surrounding yourself with non-toxic people leads to a happier life.




  • Never Stop Learning


Do not think that you have had enough in your life. Instead, opt to improve every day. You can learn how to cook a new dish. Try out your skills in the piano. Figure out if you have a green hand. There are many things out there you can enrich your life with.

They see money as a corrupting, view wealth as a product of greed, and/or see themselves as undeserving of financial success. As a result, money-avoidant types are often more generous with their resources yet make terrible financial planners. — Suzanne Burger, Psy.D.


  • Showcase Compassion


Do something good each day for somebody. Hold the door open for the lady in the cafe. Help a mother of three carry her grocery bags. Doing these little things can make you feel good. These things can help brighten up your day.


  • Do What You Want


Follow what your heart desires. Doing the opposite will make you feel pressured. Not doing what you love will only make you feel miserable. Discover what you want and make it your direction. Make this the reason you wake up in the morning.


As long as you have the proper mindset, you can always be happy and successful. It may not be easy as we face a lot of difficulty everyday, but if you put your mind and body into, you will be able to get it. Because once again, happiness is a choice.