How Much Money Does A Psychiatrist Make?

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It will be rare to hear someone have a passion for psychiatry. The ratio of a child saying he wants to be a psychiatrist when he grows up is 0 out of 10. But how come doctors are specializing in Psychiatry? Do they make a lot of money from it? Have they grown interested in it? Have they developed a passion for treating people who are psychologically troubled? How much does a psychiatrist make?




Before We Answer That, Let’s Find Out The Reasons Why A Person May Choose To Be A Psychiatrist:


  1. Demand


A person begins to have an idea how situations can be complicated. He starts to get knowledge about illnesses that he never thought existed. He understands what is “crazy” and that he can do something to correct it. Some areas or places need a psychiatrist the most because of the growing cases of mental health issues that cannot be addressed by other doctors. Some may need to travel to someplace else where there is a psychiatrist.

Care is efficient, but psychiatrists have the opportunity to develop a good understanding about the influence of each patient’s illness on his/her life. — Eugene Rubin M.D., Ph.D.

  1. Passion


A person may develop a passion for helping people with mental health problems. Some may be inspired or motivated by the people they know that may have a psychiatric issue. They begin to have the determination to be someone who can make a difference in mental health.




  1. Salary


Since some areas are scarce in psychiatric services, the salary of a psychiatrist is remarkably stable. Just like other doctors, they are paid well for their expertise.


How Much Does A Psychiatrist Make?


A psychiatrist gives diagnoses and treatment plans for people with mental health issues. They have gained proper education and experience to be able to practice this kind of expertise, thus making them eligible to be paid a significant amount of money.


A person has to obtain a bachelor’s degree, gain a medical degree, complete a residency, and secure a license. He can also opt to have a certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) which will make him more competent.





As per American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN), a psychiatrist makes an average of about $200,000 annually depending on education, experience, location and other factors. An hourly appointment with a psychiatrist can cost about $100, ranging from $90 to $115. Aside from the fact that a doctor of psychiatry makes an engaging profession, it can also pay well.

Many psychiatrists -— referred to as psychopharmacologists — provide only prescriptions and medication management; you would need to see a psychotherapist additionally for talk therapy. Traditional psychiatrists continue to practice psychotherapy. — Eric Sherman L.C.S.W.

Is it worth all the processes taken to be a psychiatrist? Definitely! It is always a pleasure to be able to offer help and assistance to people who need it. In America, there are approximately 40 million people affected with mental illnesses, and to be able to provide and share your expertise so that these number of people get the help they need is more than fulfilling. It makes psychiatrists a significant part of people’s lives. The wellbeing of a person is the most important thing. It includes the physical and psychological aspect. They say that “Health is Wealth,” therefore psychiatrists make us wealthy by helping us achieve our optimum mental health.