Behind Every Successful Man Is A Woman Good At Money Management


If you are saddled with debt, for example, you can easily feel stressed, self-doubting, insecure (both financially and emotionally), strained in your relationships, and limited in future plans. — Nicole S. Urdang, MS, NCC, DHM

For a marriage to be successful, the financial aspect of the relationship should also be handled well, and most often than not, a woman with an exceptional judgment in managing the family’s finances is the key. According to The Telegraph, a study finds that women are better at handling money matters than men. Hence they say, behind a successful man is a woman.


5 Reasons Why Are Women Better In Handling The Finances Than Men:



  1. Men are usually the provider in the family, meaning they are busy at work and have to focus on their tasks at the office. They have less time to think about how to spend the money they have earned, or if they do think about it, they would probably be thinking about a reward for their hard work. They tend to compensate their effort by spending on luxury Women, on the other hand, when staying at home, have the time to look at the needs of the family that require the most funding.


  1. Men are naturally proud to ask for assistance. Unlike women who are not scared to admit that they need the stability that’s why they require financial support from friends or agencies who turn out to offer a big help, men are too confident to demand aid. Men are also grand. They want extravagance like throwing a party or such because they can showcase how successful they are. Women tend to worry about what is going to happen after that big party, and they tend to refuse to be empty-handed.


  1. Men correlate love to the amount of money they spend on their family. They think that if they can give their wives a diamond set or buy them expensive bags and shoes that they are giving the highest form of love. Yes, women love these things, but they love security and stability more. They tend to look further and want to save money for emergencies and future use. Men believe that there is still tomorrow when they have a chance to earn more, so they tend to overlook the importance of spending wisely and saving.

Because many people have low financial literacy, improving factual knowledge about personal finance offers an entry point to taking charge of your finances. — Utpal Dholakia Ph.D.

  1. Women possess a great deal of self-control. Some expenses are out of impulse which men are more likely to do, but women are paranoid. They tend to think things over a hundred times. They are often pessimists which in this case is helpful in managing the family finances. They are worriers and are often fearful of risks, so they tend to not commit to something they are not sure would profit them.



  1. Women want to have control. They tend to want to supervise and control things at home, especially where the money is going. They want to be present in purchasing furniture and other stuff the family needs because they would know if they are worth it. They are less likely to put the family finances in a critical situation because they want to monitor every single penny.

Modern marriage as an institution is no longer primarily a financial arrangement agreed upon by parents, as has been the case historically in nearly all cultures. And yet money and financial issues are the third most common issue cited by couples seeking divorce, following loss of intimacy/ irreconcilable differences and infidelity. — Suzanne Burger, Psy.D.

Men are the provider of the family, and women should always provide support for their husband in every aspect. With proper communication, they can achieve financial stability because behind a successful marriage is a man with great perseverance and determination and a supportive woman with exceptional money management skills.