Aiming For A Fast Promotion At Work? Keep These In Mind

For many, the most promising reward after high school or college graduation is snagging a job offer and going to the first day of work with a new you. As soon as your working days and experience progress, going home chin up with an accomplishment at work becomes one of the best feelings.


Soon enough, the challenged you inside will look for more responsibilities and more appreciation. The next goal you will be aiming? Work promotion, getting promoted, snagging a higher position from before within the company. Aside from the higher salary package, the position itself is a trophy for your successful pursuit of skills.

When we define ourselves (and our culture’s success) by the work we produce and the effort we put into it, we create a culture that prioritizes productivity over everything else. — Adi Jaffe Ph.D.

True enough, the promotion is not equal to higher pay. Achieving a higher position is in itself a reward, a reward for an outstanding job done. It is a reward for something done that your boss highly treats to be significant to the whole company.

Below are some helpful and proven ways to increase your chances and candidacy points to get that promotion you deserve in no time successfully:


Know Your Job Responsibilities Very Well


The company and your boss hired you to do tasks and take the responsibilities they either don’t know how to perform or don’t have the time to do. Don’t wait for your office mates to point at you and tell you This is your job. Otherwise, you’ll look clueless and uninterested in the job you’ve signed up.

As his anxiety and worry about finances has decreased, there has been a parallel decrease in his overall sense of insecurity. This has significantly improved his sense of self-esteem and self-confidence. — Beverly Amsel, PhD

While voluntarily taking other responsibilities and orders increases your worth and presence in the office, it is, however, a must to do every assignment on your job description papers to boost your promotion-candidacy points.

So find and scan your job description contract you’ve signed. Perhaps, you will see often-overlooked tasks that you should be doing in the office. Maybe, you have between-the-line important responsibilities you have no idea are yours.


Make It A Habit To Take Down Notes

While it is good to raise questions and clear things, asking your boss now and then what he or she just asked you to do is not okay. Don’t ever make your boss tell you things over and over to the point that he/she is already telling you every move you should take.

Bringing a notepad and pen to jot down notes on every meeting or task assignment initiated by your boss is impressive. It shows how eager you are to plan things right away. One of its bonus points is that you get to raise unclear things that often go unnoticed. It will make you look smarter and ready to take the next level of challenge a.k.a. The promotion.


Always Suggest A Solution

Aside from dressing yourself to look like a real executive making decisions for the company, be ready always to have the brain and guts to recommend solutions to problems encountered by your department or your team.

Managers and bosses like it when their employees speak up to offer answers and solutions that are backed up by facts and figures. This magnificent gesture shows the employee’s value and significance to the company, making it easy for them to put your name on the promotion list once the opportunity comes.


Socialize And Get Noticed


As much as possible, attend company parties and outings to build a network among your colleagues. Make your name, skills and office achievements acknowledged so that when promotion opportunities arise, your name will pop out in discussions as the best candidate for the position.

Research shows that well dressed individuals are more successful in negotiation settings. A study by Kraus and Mendes (2014) demonstrated that men in business suits benefit from a perception of dominance. — Wendy L. Patrick, JD, Ph.D.

Attending outings and parties is also an opportunity to bond well with your boss. Remember, he/she will be your catalyst to move into a higher position in the company.


Get Training And Attain Higher Education

Whenever possible, acquire training related to your job and work assignments. Most companies require a certain number of training hours for their employees to hone their skills. Go and enlist in classes that will develop your abilities and technical skills deeper and better.

If there’s also an opportunity for you to take master classes, then it’s better to go for it. Critical and higher level positions require advanced skills and further education as they take up more fundamental responsibilities that certainly need formal studies.

It’s okay to desire promotion even if you are new to the company. Some groups and organizations open promotion slots for new hires provided that they get above average grades from their immediate supervisors. The secret of getting promoted quickly, however, relies on how responsible and eager you are in your current work assignment.