8 Habits Of Successfully Happy And Healthy People

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Don’t use your happiness and health as steep payments for your success. Below are the eight habits successful yet happy and healthy people do.

I personally don’t consider success as such when you put your happiness or your health at stake just to get it. And I’ve found people who are genuinely successful without sacrificing these two aspects in their lives. In this light, below are the eight habits that I found are in common among people who are not only enjoying success but are leading happy and healthy lives, too.

  1. Prayer And Meditation Three Times A Day: In The Morning, At The Middle Of The Day And In The Evening

Successful people are goal-oriented people and how do they keep their eyes on these goals? Through focus and clarity. And how do they get this? By prayer and meditation.

Tony Robbins, dubbed the CEO Whisperer, has a unique version of meditation – by doing several breathing and visualization techniques every morning to get him the focus he needs. To put it in simple terms, you don’t need to follow whatever medication or prayer methods others use to get to your success focus. Personalize.

  1. Write In Your Journal For Even Just 5 Minutes Every Day
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Aside from improving your writing abilities, journaling even for just five minutes each day helps in these ways:

– Allows you to explicitly pinpoint your goal and the ways you could take to get there.

– It boosts your creativity.

– Clears the unwanted emotions you have: lets out your bad experiences.

– It records your know-hows for easier revisits and future references.

– It increases your gratitude.

Your journal entries don’t have to be detailed. A short paragraph or a few sentences will do and is highly recommended by other successful individuals to avoid burnout.

  1. Be A Risk-Taker Even For Just Once A Day

Have you watched the movie I Bought A Zoo? There’s a scene there that stuck out – the dialogue between Matt Damon’s character and his teenaged son. In it, Damon encouraged the other to take a plunge into “insane courage” even for just a measly 20 seconds with the assurance that “something great will come out of it.”

Successful people are risk-takers. If you’re scared to do that, then follow Damon’s character’s advice – do it even just for 20 seconds. Take the plunge and post that video (Or substitute the underlined words with the risky action you’re about to take like “make the pitch,” “approach the person,” etc.). In the end, something good will result from it.

  1. Be Kind And Say Thank You

“Thank you” – two simple words that could create an enormous impact on an individual. As one study put it, say thanks to someone, and there’s a 66% chance that person you expressed your gratitude to would help you even more — two kind words resulting to a chain of good works.

And one more tip: say it as you mean it.

  1. Get Seven Hours Of Sleep, At The Very Least, Every Night
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Contrary to popular belief, successful people are not sleep-deprived ones. As what bestselling author Tom Rath wrote in his Eat Move Sleep book, sleep deprivation causes one to lose concentration and focus that eventually leads to lesser productivity.

Aside from increased focus and concentration, a good night’s sleep leads to:

– An increase in creativity

– The lowering of stress levels and the possibility of developing depression

– A decrease in the need to consume stimulants such as coffee

– A Boost in memory

– A longer life

  1. Learn To Say No

Successful individuals don’t always say yes to whatever opportunity that comes their way; they choose those that best work for their goals. So, learn to speak the word NO to people, to events that will obligate you to do something, even to requests.

As what the Good to Great author, Jim Collins, said, an opportunity is immaterial if it’s the wrong one.

  1. Unplug Regularly

Successful people are not always connected and are not continuously on the go. They take the maxim, “All work and no play makes one dull” (as nursery-rhyme sounding as it is), to heart. They take time to relax.

So, in pursuit of success, don’t turn yourself into a gadget or an internet zombie. Take time to unwind and be refreshed.

  1. Marry Someone You Love

According to one undertaking, married people make as much as 10-50% more than single people do. Why is that? Because marriage antes up an individual’s reason to be productive. If you start a family, you face the reality that someone else besides yourself is relying on the results of your hands’ works and efforts. That thinking alone makes you more responsible.

Furthermore, marriage is like a hard slap of reality on the face. It will challenge you to become a better person not just for yourself, but for the significant someone who now shares life with you.


I hope you find these eight tips helpful in your journey to success. And if I’ve missed anything, ping me down below!